Syrian Database Collections

Notes Domain Data Collections Last Updated
National Economic Data Value of Domestic Production by Output Sector Exchange Rates Customs Tariffs & Fees Commodity Balance Credit by Agric. Enterprise Type Investments in Departments of MAAR 12 December 2014
Land and Water Annual Rainfall Data Total Land Use by Governorate or Zone Crop Areas by Governorate, Zone, Crop Category, Season & Water source Irrigated Areas by Source & Method Development of Wells by Governorate, Type & License 12 December 2014
Crop & Tree Production Field Crops & Vegetables Fruits Forestry 12 December 2014
Live Animals & Animal Products Sheep & Goats Cattle Animal Products Poultry Units Poultry Production 12 December 2014
Agricultural Inputs Fertilizer Use Used Pesticides & Vet Medicine Agricultural Machinery and Equipment 12 December 2014
Costs and Prices Market Monthly Wholesale & Retail Prices Monthly consumer Prices Prices of Major Inputs Crop Budget Items 12 December 2014
Trade in Agricultural Commodities Agriculture Trade Data 30 March 2014
Agricultural Census, 1994 Data Files of Agricultural Census 31 May 2003

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